The formats of files for exchange of bank or payroll data with ERP systems vary depending on the supplier of the file and on the country/region. The generic version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV does not support local bank or payroll file formats out-of-the-box. Microsoft Dynamics NAV therefore includes a data exchange framework that makes it easy to enable users to import or export bank and payroll files.

The generic version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports two ways to perform electronic banking, both implemented with the Data Exchange Framework:

In addition, the local versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV support various other file formats for exporting payments to bank files and importing bank statements.

The SEPA CAMT standard itself has local variations. Therefore, you may have to modify the generic data exchange setup (represented by the SEPA CAMT code) to adapt it to a local variation of the standard. For details about the generic implementation in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, see How to: Use SEPA XML Schemas to Prepare Data Exchange.

To prepare for exchange of data in SEPA bank files, either through the Data exchange Framework or through XMLports, you can load the related SEPA XML schema file in the SEPA Schema Viewer window. Here you first select the data elements that you want to exchange with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and then you either initialize a data exchange setup (typically for import) or generate an XMLport (typically for export).

The following table describes a sequence of tasks, with links to the topics that describe them.

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Learn how the Data Exchange Framework works.

About the Data Exchange Framework

Set up user authentication and the URL of the bank data conversion service provider that is required to have bank files converted to your bank’s format.

How to: Set Up Bank Data Conversion Service

Prepare exchange of data in SEPA bank files by modifying the related SEPA XML schema.

How to: Use SEPA XML Schemas to Prepare Data Exchange

Enable users to import a specific bank statement or payroll file or export a specific bank payment file.

How to: Enable Import/Export of Bank or Payroll Files Using the Data Exchange Framework

View which fields in Microsoft Dynamics NAV are mapped to file elements when exporting payment files using the Bank Date Conversion Service feature.

Field Mapping When Exporting Payment Files Using Bank Data Conversion Service

View which file elements are mapped to fields in Microsoft Dynamics NAV when importing SEPA CAMT statement files.

Field Mapping When Importing SEPA CAMT Files

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