In the Payment Journal window, you can process payments to your vendors by exporting a file together with the payment information from the journal lines. You can then upload the file to your electronic bank where the related money transfers are processed.

In the generic version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, a global provider of services to convert bank data to any file format that your bank requires is set up and connected. In addition, the generic version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports the SEPA Credit Transfer format. In your country/region, other formats for electronic payments may be available.

To enable export of bank file formats that are not supported by the generic or local versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, use the Date Exchange Framework. For more information, see How to: Enable Import/Export of Bank or Payroll Files Using the Data Exchange Framework.

To enable SEPA credit transfers, you must first set up a bank account, a vendor, and the general journal batch that the payment journal is based on.

You then prepare payments to vendors by automatically filling the Payment Journal window with due payments with specified posting dates.

When you have verified that the payments are successfully processed by the bank, you can proceed to post the payment journal lines.

The following table describes a sequence of tasks, with links to the topics that describe them. These tasks are listed in the order in which they are generally performed.


Activate the Bank Data Conversion Service feature to have any bank statement file converted to a format that you can import or to have your exported payment files converted to the format that your bank requires.

How to: Set Up Bank Data Conversion Service

Set up a bank account, a vendor, and a payment journal for SEPA credit transfer.

How to: Set Up SEPA Credit Transfer

Fill the payment journal with lines for due payments to vendors, with the option to insert posting dates based on the due date of the related purchase documents.

How to: Suggest Vendor Payments and How to: Insert Due Date as Posting Date on Payment Journal Lines

Export payment journal lines to a file in the SEPA Credit Transfer format.

How to: Export Payments to a Bank File

Review which payments have been exported and into which files.

Credit Transfer Registers

When the electronic payment is successfully processed by the bank, post the payments.

How to: Fill In and Post General Journals and Payment Journals

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