Specifies that quantities in the bin are protected from being picked for other demands.

Quantities in dedicated bins can still be reserved. Accordingly, the quantities in dedicated bins are included in the Total Available Quantity field in the Reservation window.

Making a bin dedicated provides similar functionality to using bin types, which is only available in advanced warehousing. For more information, see How to: Set Up Bin Types.

Items in dedicated bins are not protected when they are picked and consumed as production components with the Inventory Pick window.


A work center is set up with a bin code in the To-Production Bin Code field. Production order component lines with that bin code require that forward-flushed components are placed there. However, until the components are consumed from that bin, other component demands may pick or consume from that bin because they are still considered available bin contents. To make sure that bin content is only available to component demand that uses that to-production bin, you must select the Dedicated field on the line for that bin code in the Bins window that you open from the location card.


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