Open the Bins window.

Specifies the bins that have been established in the following ways:

You can create bins one by one in this window and modify the properties of already-established bins. From this window, you can access the Bin Contents window for each bin.

Select the Dedicated field if the bin is to be used for internal operations that are set up to use the bin by default and you want quantities in the bin to be reserved for that operation once placed there.

If you are using directed put-away and pick, you have zones available to you in addition to some advanced bin options. When you select a zone for the bin and then create the bin, the program fills in four of the bin fields - Bin Type Code, Warehouse Class Code, Special Equipment Code, and Bin Ranking - with the values from the corresponding zone fields. You can change these field values as necessary. When you create a bin without selecting a zone first, you must fill in all the fields manually. To achieve an optimal routing of items through the warehouse, you must accurately fill in the Bin Type Code, Bin Ranking, Maximum Cubage and Maximum Weight fields for each bin.

The following fields are only active when used in connection with directed put-away and pick: Zone Code, Bin Type Code, Warehouse Class Code, Special Equipment Code, Bin Ranking, Maximum Cubage, Maximum Weight, Cross-Dock Bin.


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