If you have multiple companies set up in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, there may be times when you have to select a different company to work with. The companies that you work with can be stored in the same database or in different databases. If the company is stored in a different database, then you must select the server before you can open the company.

To select a different server and open a company

  1. On the Application menu Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application menu, choose Select Server to open the Select Server window.

  2. In the Server Address field, enter the URL of the server that you want to access.

    The URL must have this format: servername:port/service where servername is the name of the computer where Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server is installed. For example, MyServer:7046/DynamicsNAV.

    If your company stores data in a dedicated business database that is a tenant of the application, you must also specify a tenant ID as part of the URL. For example, servername:port/DynamicsNAV/tenant1, where tenant1 is the ID of the business database in the multitenancy setup.

  3. In the Available Companies field, select the company that you want to open.

  4. Choose the OK button to open the company.

    The next time that you open Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the database that you were using last is opened.

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