Open the Payment Journal window.

Registers payments to vendors. A payment journal is a type of general journal, so you can use it to post transactions to G/L, bank, customer, vendor and fixed assets accounts. In a payment journal, you enter the relevant information for the transaction, such as the posting date, amount and the accounts you want to post to. The information you enter in a journal is temporary and can be changed as long as it is in the journal.

When you are ready to post payments, you can export a file with the payment information on the journal lines. You can then upload the file to your electronic bank to process the related money transfers. For more information, see Make Payments with Bank Data Conversion Service or SEPA Credit Transfer.

The generic version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports the SEPA Credit Transfer format. In your country/region, other formats for electronic payments may be available.

To enable export of a bank file formats that are not supported by the generic or local versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can use the Date Exchange Framework. For more information, see How to: Enable Import/Export of Bank or Payroll Files Using the Data Exchange Framework.

After you post a payment journal, the journal will be empty and the transactions will be posted to individual accounts. You can view the results of posting a journal in the ledger entry windows and register windows. Posting with a payment journal always creates entries on G/L accounts.


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