Open the Payment Application window.

Specifies open entries that the payment described on the header can be applied to and any open entries that the payment is applied to, as indicated by the Applied check box.

You open the Payment Application window from the Payment Reconciliation Journal window by selecting the journal line that represents the payment and then choosing the Apply Manually button or the Match Confidence field. You typically do this to see all candidate open entries for the payment and view detailed information for each entry about the data matching that a payment application is based on. Here, you can manually apply payments or reapply payments that were applied automatically to a wrong entry. For more information, see How to: Review or Apply Payments After Automatic Application.

When the bank account that you are reconciling payments for is set up for the local currency, then the Payment Application window will show all open entries in the local currency, including open entries for documents that were originally invoiced in foreign currencies. Payments applied to entries with converted currencies may therefore be posted with different amounts than on the original document because of the potentially different exchange rates used by the bank and Microsoft Dynamics NAV respectively.

Therefore, we recommend that you look for foreign currency codes in the Currency Code field in the Payment Application window to check if applications are based on converted currencies. To review the original document amount in the foreign currency and to see the exchange rate used, choose the Applies-to Entry No. field, and then, on the shortcut menu, choose DrillDown to open the Customer Ledger Entries or Vendor Ledger Entries window. To add the Currency Code column to your view, open the shortcut menu for the column heading, and then choose Choose Columns.

Any gains-and-loss adjustment required due to currency conversions is not handled automatically by Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

You use the Payment Reconciliation Journal window to import bank statement files representing payments that have been made to or from your bank account and then automatically apply the payments to their open entries. For more information, see How to: Reconcile Payments Using Automatic Application.


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