Open the Text-to-Account Mapping window.

Specifies mappings between text on payments and specific debit, credit, and balancing accounts in the general ledger so that such payments are posted to the specified accounts when you post payments in the Payment Reconciliation Journal window.

Payments posted based on text-to-account mapping are not applied to open entries, but are only posted to the specified accounts in addition to creating bank account ledger entries. Accordingly, text-to-account mapping is suited for recurring cash receipts or expenses, such as frequent purchases of car fuel, that regularly occur on the bank statement and do not need a related business document. For more information, see the “Example - Text-to-Account Mapping for Fuel Expense” section in How to: Map Text on Recurring Payments to Accounts for Automatic Reconciliation.

Payments on reconciliation journal lines are only set to posting according to text-to-account mapping if the automatic application function can only provide a match confidence of Low or Medium. If the automatic application function provides a match confidence of High, then the payment is automatically applied to an open entry, and the payment is not posted to the accounts specified in the Text-to-Account Mapping window.

On a payment reconciliation journal line where the payment has been set to posting according to text-to-account mapping, the Match Confidence field contains High - Text-to-Account Mapping, and the Account Type and Account No. fields contain the mapped accounts.


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