Customer data must be validated before you apply the records to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database.

In most cases, invalid data is not created in the database. However, the application can occasionally be blocked if an imported migration table contains errors.

To validate customer data

  1. In the Config. Package Card window, review the No. of Package Records field to see whether any errors occurred during import.

  2. If there are errors, select the migration table and on the Tables FastTab, choose Table, and then choose Errors. The No. check box is selected for each record that has an error.

  3. To review errors, select a line and on the Home tab choose Show Error.

    The Field Name field contains the reason for the error. The Invalid field contains the caption of the field that contains the error.

  4. To correct an error or otherwise make an update, close the Config. Package Errors window. On the Navigate tab, choose Config. Package Records. The Config. Package Records window opens. Select the record with the error and make the correction.

    After you make a correction, the record is removed from the list of records in the Config. Package Errors window.

You are now ready to apply the customerís data to the database.


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