To support your business-specific tasks, such as order processing and data analysis, you can use a variety of general ERP functionality that is available across two or more application areas.

For example, you can send notes to other users from the context of a business task. Users in the sales and purchasing areas can use the document approvals functionality to request and grant approval of business documents in a simple workflow. You can convert an external file, such as a scanned vendor invoice, to a purchase invoice. You can use the connectivity to Windows and the Microsoft Office system to link external information, such as files and Web addresses, to your documents or records in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Users in most application areas can search for historical and open records and entries with the Navigate feature, and users that need to visit external business contacts can plan their trip with from within Microsoft Dynamics NAV by using the Online Map features.

The following table describes a sequence of tasks, with links to the topics that describe them. These tasks are listed in the order in which they are generally performed.


Enter a note, with or without sending a notification to your own role center or a colleague's role center.

Write Notes

Request, accept, or reject approval for purchases or sales document.

Work with Document Approvals

Convert external files listed in the Incoming Documents window to document records or journal lines in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

How to: Process Incoming Document Files

Create links from, for example, a sales order to web sites or external files, or create links that launch external programs, such as OneNote or Outlook.

How to: Link from Records to External Information or Programs

Use search criteria to find entries and records.


Create descriptions for records, such as accounts, items, resources, and standard texts, which are then automatically added to related documents.

How to: Insert Extended Text

Assign reason codes to most types of transactions to record why transactions are made.

How to: Use Reason Codes on Sales Documents and Purchase Documents

Get maps from an online map service that can show addresses and locations or route directions to customer or vendor locations.

How to: Use Online Map to Find Locations

How to: Use Online Map to Find Directions

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