A Cue is a tile on a page in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV client that provides a visual representation of aggregated business data, such as the number of open sales invoices or the total sales for the month. Cues are designed to give users with a quick status of their daily activities, which acts as a prompt them to take action. You typically add Cues on Role Center pages so that they are readily available to users.

The following figure illustrates a couple of the Cues that are available on Order Processor Role Center in the CRONUS International Ltd. demonstration database.

Cues on the Order Processor Role Center

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Use the following table to help you start creating and modifying Cues.

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Get an overview of Cue design and how to create and customize Cues.

Creating and Customizing Cues

Set up an indicator on a Cue that changes color based on the value in the Cue.

Setting Up Colored Indicators on Cues

Change the icon that appears on the Cue.

How to: Set Up an Image on a Cue

Change the format of data in the Cue.

Formatting the Data in a Field

Learn how to create a Cue by using a FlowField.

Walkthrough: Creating a Cue Based on a FlowField

Learn how to create a Cue by using a query object.

Walkthrough: Creating a Cue Based on a Normal Field and a Query