Cash management is used to manage the company's bank accounts. One of the main features of cash management is the Bank Account Card window, which contains your company's bank details.

Based on setup of the bank account card, you can reconcile incoming and outgoing payments by importing bank transaction files and using automatic application, supported by functionality to review and manually change applications. Alternatively, you can reconcile incoming payments manually without the capability to import bank transaction files. In addition, you can void posted checks and reconcile the bank account with bank ledger entries resulting from payment reconciliation.

The following table describes a sequence of tasks, with links to the topics that describe them. These tasks are listed in the order in which they are generally performed.


In the Payment Reconciliation Journal window, import bank files with payment transactions, apply the payments to their related open entries automatically, based on payment application rules or text-to-account mapping. In the Payment Application window, review automatic applications by viewing details about matching data that provided the automatic application or manually reapply or apply payments based on views of candidate open entries. Post the payment reconciliation journal to close applied open entries, post text-to-account mapped payments to the specified accounts, and create bank account leger entries for all posted journal lines.

Reconcile Payments Automatically

In the Payment Registration window, manually apply payments received on your bank account with unpaid documents, initiate finance charges for overdue payments, process discounted payments, and find specific unpaid documents for which payment is made. Last, post applied payments as either individual or lump-sum payments.

Reconcile Customer Payments Manually

Fill in and post general journals, mark general ledger accounts for reconciliation, and reconcile liquid accounts.

Deposit and Withdraw Bank Funds

Post transfers between bank accounts in the same currency, with currency codes, and with different currency codes.

Transfer Bank Funds

Reconcile bank accounts, fill in bank reconciliations, correct reconciliation lines, apply bank statement transactions to ledger entries, correct erroneous bank statement transactions, post transactions, post reconciliations, and view account ledger entries and bank statements.

Reconcile Bank Accounts

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