The encryption method for credit card numbers is an RSA key-based type of encryption with OEAP padding. Credit card numbers are stored in a separate table with high security and indirect permissions. The stored data is encrypted, and only users with permissions to the encryption key file can access credit card numbers for specific transactions. The machine key is a file stored in the machine key store on the computer.


The encryption functionality is implemented in codeunit 824. You can modify this codeunit to implement a different type of encryption. You can also disable the codeunit to make sure that encryption is not enforced, although we do not recommend this. When you modify the codeunit, you cannot upgrade the encrypted data later.

All computers that are running the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client must have access to the key file.

The key is copied by using the key functions that are available on the encryption object. When you import or export a key, you must specify a password. If you do not specify a password when you export a key, the file is not encrypted.

Security Note
A key file that has been exported with a specified password can only be imported if the same password is specified. For security reasons, the password is not stored in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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