The CRONUS International Ltd. demonstration database is a fictitious company with business scenarios, employees, and products. As you explore Microsoft Dynamics NAV Help, you will find CRONUS data that is used in examples and tasks to help you understand the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The company develops, markets, and sells many items. It sells to end users and has a broad customer base. The items that the company handles fall generally into the following categories:

The example company, products, domain names, email addresses, logos, people, places, and events depicted herein are fictitious. No association with any real company, organization, product, domain name, email address, logo, person, places, or events is intended or should be inferred.

To assist you in using CRONUS, walkthroughs of key business processes are provided with step-by-step instructions that you can perform. The walkthroughs consist of multiple procedures, some of which would typically be performed by one user, while others incorporate several different user roles. To simulate the working environment, some of the walkthroughs contain setup steps that you need to complete the exercises as described. These steps can provide insight into the kind of information that users need to share with their company's IT professionals.

To See

Use Outlook to manage contacts

Walkthrough: Synchronizing Information Between Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Set up a marketing campaign

Walkthrough: Conducting a Sales Campaign

Use prepayments to part of sales orders

Walkthrough: Setting Up and Invoicing Sales Prepayments

Implement a document approval workflow

Walkthrough: Approving Documents

Plan supply orders to fulfill demand manually

Walkthrough: Planning Supplies Manually

Plan supply orders to fulfill demand automatically

Walkthrough: Planning Supplies Automatically

Put received items away in basic warehouse configurations

Walkthrough: Receiving and Putting Away in Basic Warehousing

Put received items away in advanced warehouse configurations

Walkthrough: Receiving and Putting Away in Advanced Warehousing

Assemble and ship items that are customized on the sales order

Walkthrough: Selling, Assembling, and Shipping Kits

Plan a project, from start to finish

Walkthrough: Managing Projects with Jobs

Understand the costs of a job

Walkthrough: Calculating Work in Process for a Job

Pick items for shipment in basic warehouse configurations

Walkthrough: Picking and Shipping in Basic Warehousing

Implement defects management

Walkthrough: Tracing Serial/Lot Numbers

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