Sets whether to display the page or control.

Applies To

  • Page fields
  • Group and part controls on pages
  • FactBoxes

Property Value

Yes (true on pages) if you want the page or control to be visible; otherwise, No (false on pages). The default is Yes (true on pages).


Because this property also applies to containers, such as pages and subpages, if the Visible property for the container is set to No, then controls on the container are also not displayed, even if the Visible property is set to Yes.

On pages, you use the Visible property to show or hide group, part, field, and action controls. You can show or hide the control either statically by setting the property to true or false, or dynamically by using a Boolean variable or a Boolean field on the page. The Boolean field on the page can be either a true/false Boolean or a Boolean expression, such as “Credit Limit > Sales YTD”.

The dynamic options are only possible for group and part controls.

Using a variable for field and action controls requires that the variable be resolved by the OnInit Trigger or OnOpenPage Trigger.

Example: Dynamic Property Change Using a Boolean Field

To hide all payment fields on a customer card when line discounts are allowed, follow these steps:

  1. Open page 21, Customer Card, with Page Designer.
  2. View the properties of the group named Payments, which represents the Payments FastTab.
  3. For the Visible property, enter NOT “Allow Line Disc.” in the Value field.
    The Allow Line Disc. field is a Boolean field on page 21, Customer Card.
  4. Save the changes on page 21.

Now, when a user selects the Allow Line Disc. check box on a customer card, the Payments FastTab is not visible. Otherwise, the FastTab is visible.

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