Specifies the bin that functions as the default open shop floor bin at this location. The open shop floor bin is typically a bin in the production area with enough components that can be automatically posted as consumed (flushed) without requesting a warehouse activity to bring them to the bin.

Additional Information

The value in this field is automatically inserted in the Bin Code field on production order component lines in the following cases:

  • The location code of the production order component points to this location.
  • The first relevant production order routing line had an empty Open Shop Floor Bin Code field because the specified machine or work center is on another location or does not have a defined to-production bin code.
  • The flushing method on the production order component line is set to either Forward or Backward.

For an illustration of how components are handled in the Bin Code field on production order component lines, see Filling the Consumption Bin.

Individual work or machine centers at the location may use different bin codes if the Open Shop Floor Bin Code field is filled on the work or machine center card.

Bin codes that are set up on location cards only define a default warehouse flow for certain activities, such as components in a production department. Additional functionality exists to make sure that placing items in a certain bin makes them unavailable to other activities. For more information, see the Dedicated field in the Bins window.


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