Open the Bank Acc. Reconciliation window.

Specifies how you want to check the entries and the balance on your accounts against a statement from the bank.

The window contains a header, where you enter information about the bank account and two panes where you reconcile bank statement lines with bank account entries.

You can fill the bank statement lines automatically by importing a file with the current bank statement. For more information, see How to: Import Bank Statements. Alternatively, you can fill the lines with suggested values according to outstanding payments, which you then check and adjust to align with actual transactions on the bank statement. For more information, see How to: Match Bank Statement Lines with Bank Account Ledger Entries.

If bank statement lines relate to check ledger entries, then you cannot use the matching functions. Instead, you must choose Apply Entries button on the Bank Statement Lines FastTab and then select the relevant check ledger entry to apply the bank statement line to. The Total on Outstanding Checks field at the bottom of the Bank Acc. Reconciliation window shows the amount on check ledger entries that is part of the bank account balance.

When the lines reconcile with the current bank statement, you post the reconciliation to the bank account ledger entries.


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