Specifies if a function is local to the object on which the function is defined. A local function cannot be accessed from outside the object.

Property Value

Yes to specify the function as local; otherwise, No.

When you add a function, the property is set to Yes by default. If the value is blank, then it defaults to No.


When the property is set to Yes, the function definition in C/AL code includes the word Local.

If the property is set to No, then the function is considered to be global, which means that is can be called and accessed from other Microsoft Dynamics NAV objects.

This property is not set to Yes when the function is in a test codeunit. Instead, the FunctionType Property (Test Codeunits) is set to Test. Functions in test codeunits are automatically global. For more information, see How to: Create Test Codeunits and Test Functions.

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